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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  February 9, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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here says that he is opening this investigation not for dorner but to show the community and restore faith in the community that the lapd treats african- americans fairly. los angeles police chief charlie beck says in an exclusive interview with cbs affiliate kcbs his department will revisit details behind ex- cop christopher dorner's firing. >> i'm not doing this to appease him. i'm doing this so that the community has faith in what the police department does. >> reporter: that as s.w.a.t. teams go door to door searching homes in a wooded area now blanketed by snow even a popular ski resort. >> i think he's long gone, man. he's trained. he's not sticking around. >> reporter: police found his burned pickup truck near the big bear mountain ski resort tuesday. they recovered two rifles, handgun and ammo. >> my experience with mr. dorner was overwhelmingly positive. i never saw any indications in him that he was violent or
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particularly aggressive. >> reporter: until they have an idea of where dorner is hiding the lapd is on tactical alert and looking forward planning extra security for the grammys. >> their problems are very interesting. can they get enough comes to police the grammys? everybody is deployed on this. >> reporter: as police try to protect themselves and potential targets, a deputy chief and senior cbs correspondent john miller says the momentum may have turned. >> they believe he has shifted from being the hunt to the hunted. >> reporter: not a moment of rest for the lapd until dorner is found and captured. they are still searching in that big bear area. however the search is also across all of southern california at the mexican border, border agents in if you had bol ardmore with assault rifles checking every car that goes through. there is a two-hour wait to get from u.s. to mexico across the border. edward lawrence, back to you.
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>> there are more than a dozen police agencies working on this. how are they coordinating this effort? >> reporter: an hour ago they announced a joint task force that's going to be headquartered at lapd, calling the it dorner task force, in order to find him. >> thank you, edward lawrence. an increase in reported rapes in berkeley nearly doubled the number in just one year has police and city officials questioning what has changed in the city. kpix 5 reporter knapp is live in berkeley with more on what the numbers could reveal. don. >> reporter: those numbers are really astounding. rapes up 95% one year over another. the highest numbers in five years. but are they really? what's going on? is it just more reporting or in fact are rapes up 95% in berkeley? the spike of 39 cases up from 20 in 2011 was reported to
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berkeley city council on tuesday according to the "contra costa times" online. >> we are not sure what's behind the increase in record rapes this year. it's too early to tell whether or not it's the beginning of a trend or outlier year. >> reporter: but a captain says they do know something about the rapes that occur mostly in the housing areas around the campus. >> we are concerned that the vast majority of these cases involve acquaintance rape where the offender is a friend or a former dating relationship or an acquaintance of the victim and are concerned that alcohol plays a part in some of the rapes. >> reporter: while the high incidence of acquaintance rapes has been known for a while they don't blame fraternities or sororities. >> it's a problem across the city and in our densely populated city we see it happen all over. >> reporter: since 2011 according to the paper, all incoming students at ucb go through standard intervention training for sexual assault. that may play a role in the increased rape news. the times says while only 5% of
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victims report a rape as many as 66% will tell their friends. those friends now have a responsibility to report. and individuals have a responsibility to take care of themselves. >> in he remembers of it perjuriesk management -- in terms of personal risk management, people have to take care of themselves on dates. >> reporter: if the higher number of rapes is a matter of reporting, the numbers will increase. but people don't know what is behind the numbers. >> thank you. police in pleasant hill say a man with a knife held at least one employee at the jack- in-the-box in pleasant hill hostage during a robbery attempt. police say the man entered the fast-food restaurant on contra costa boulevard around 5:40 a.m. one employee managed to call police and told them the man had a knife and tried to rob the restaurant. >> as soon as the officers got to the restaurant they were able to evacuate some of the employees from in front of the restaurant. at some point during the incident, he actually released
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for employee. >> about an hour later the suspect, 41-year-old samuel guerrero of pittsburg surrendered voluntarily and was arrested. among the charges he is facing, robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment. no one was hurt. a cyclist riding near at&t park was killed this morning when she was hit and dragged by a cement truck. the crash happened around 9:30 at third and king street as thousands lined up for the san francisco giants fanfest. the victim has been identified as 48-year-old diane sullivan of san francisco. the investigators are still trying to figure out how the crash happened. >> we're still interviewing witnesses and trying to get video footage so we can put the investigation together. >> sullivan was taken to a local hospital where she died. the cement truck driver is cooperating. they don't believe alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash. well, the 9ers may have lost the super bowl last sunday but the bay area is still
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basking in world series glory. in fact, spring training starts tuesday. anne makovec was there where thousands greeted the champions. >> it's a fantastic day. reporter: the lines started forming last night and grew to more than five blocks long for the morning all for the chance to see the giants in person. >> take the mindset as no one wants to shine brighter than the other. we all shine at one time or another. >> reporter: the world series trophies were shining as props for fan photos. >> i wanted to touch one. but they wouldn't let me. >> reporter: they waited in line for hours. >> yeah. hoping for someone cool. >> reporter: not knowing which rotated player would be signing autographs when it was their turn. >> we were waiting in line for pablo. we were getting pictures. and literally we're right here, he leaves. >> reporter: but another star player was around the corner. >> oh, my god, yes, so happy. love hunter pence. >> reporter: do you have a crush on him?
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>> of course! he's beautiful. >> reporter: it's easy to develop a crush on some of these guys once you're face to face. >> awesome. breathtaking . it was wonderful. he's hot. >> reporter: speaking of looks, pitcher tim lincecum is sporting a new one, short hair and glasses that he doesn't need to see. they don't even have a prescription. and fans are weighing in. >> very handsome. >> very fine. >> love it. >> even the glasses. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> i don't know. he's not lincecum anymore. like he was known for his hair and everything. >> reporter: the players just want to be known as world series champs. >> yeah, there's a lot of expectations. there's no doubt about it. but this is the position you want to be in. >> reporter: and to the fans? >> thank you for your unwavering support. you guys make it fun for us to come out every day. >> reporter: now they are heading to spring training their first time back at at&t park in late march for an exhibition game. in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. the massive snowstorm that swept across the northeast headed out to sea so now the
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focus is on getting power on and digging out of the mess. >> gather near the tv set and look at this. they are testing out the brand- new lights on the bay bridge at this hour. isn't that beautiful in and we're able to see it because the skies are clear. the chances of rain and when you should expect it right here on kpix 5.
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snow blanketed the region. the blizzard has left about half-a- million people wit they are digging out across new england after three feet of snow blanketed the region. the blizzard has left a half million people without power. and it could take days to get the lights back on. travel restrictions were in effect from boston to new york. residents were urged to keep off the streets. >> this is a lot of snow. i missed my truck and i miss my indoor garage. >> a lot of clean-up. we have a snow blower so my husband is somewhere in the neighborhood cleaning other people's house. >> some stranded drivers had to sleep in their cars. the storm is said to have contributed to at least six deaths across the region. operations are still getting back to formal at airports across the northeast. at sfo, delays to and from the east coast were minimal today
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because most of those flights had already been canceled. boston logan airport is scheduled to reopen at 8:00 our time tonight. if you see police, firefighters and helicopters in fremont tomorrow, don't panic. it's part of a disaster drill. it will take place from 10 a.m. at 2 p.m. near the auto mall parkway. it's a dry weather pattern and now when you can expect rain to return to the bay area right here. don't go away on kpix 5. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
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chinese new year in beijing. fireworks went off across the city to welcome the "year of the aved they are celebrating chinese new year in beijing. fireworks went off to welcome the year of the snake. residents braved freezing temperatures to see the fireworks. the community clean team started off the season with a bang. hundreds of volunteers turned out at the united nations plaza. fireworks were set off earlier in honor of the chinese new year and then crews cared for trees and landscaping, removed weeds and sweeping up trash. it's a tradition for the lunar new year. >> eight times a year we get together with about 300 volunteers and we pick an area of the city and we go out and we clean up that area usually
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by district. >> the clean team focused its work today on the tenderloin, civic center and south of market areas. roberta joining us now. it's been a beautiful weekend for just about anything. >> it's amazing. i was speaking to my son who attends college in new york saying oh, i have to go out and run, it's 37 degrees. i was whining because it was so cold this morning but he said, stop your whining. mom. i have a foot of snow to shovel today. so even with our temperatures averaging below normal for this time of the year, still certainly not bad. good evening, everyone. let's take a look at the current readings in and around the bay area. behind those numbers can you take a good luck at the lights? the bay bridge lights, that's what the new bay bridge is going to look like. they are testing them tonight. currently 48 degrees in santa rosa. what we experienced today as far as our high temperatures are concerned, numbers generally about 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. pretty much into the 50s and
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the 60s. 58 degrees in san francisco which is averaging a couple of degrees below normal for this time of the year but we should be around 64 in san jose. tonight, overnight, we'll see numbers dipping down to that freezing point again right there in santa rosa. 33 degrees in livermore so pleasanton, you should drop down to 32. same story around antioch and disco bay, 37 degrees in san jose backing through the almaden valley. 42 in oakland. what you need to know your weather headlines do suggest that we will see tonight some clear skies and it looks like for the most part some areas of patchy frost in our inland areas. sunday starting off cold with sunrise at 7:06. seasonal temperatures during the day, gradually warming up and dry weather pattern continues. we are still under the influence of an area of high pressure here. see that right there? that was our thursday storm. it dumped some snow around the grapevine. now on its heels with this area of high pressure continuing to
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build in, we are in right smack in the middle of a dry weather pattern, which means we will continue to see rainless days through the forecast period. how did we stack up as far as precipitation of normal stats? this is last year, not too bad at all. so for the most part 92% of normal in oakland. 44% last year. but these numbers continue to dwindle. your beach report tomorrow sunshine and 60 degrees. northwest winds 15 and then down to about 10 miles per hour late day. meanwhile your temperatures for tomorrow will stack up like this. it looks like for the most part number-wise into the 50s and 60s in california and 35 in lake tahoe. tomorrow upper 50s in san jose. the extended forecast calls for -- look at this, what do you see? absolutely nothing going on each and every day. but one thing to highlight on thursday, valentine's day, nearly 70 degrees and that
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certainly is sweet. head out for a picnic. >> thank you. vern is talking golf. >> absolutely. boy, a dynamite guy at the top of the leaderboard. one of the guy's a superstar, another local product. man, this guy not seen by the network tv cameras all day. bill murray, cbs puts him on every chance they got. come on back.
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pebble beach pro- am in the books... ...local flavor atop
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the leaderbo good evening. we'll hit you with golf round three of the pebble beach pro- am is all in the books. local flavor atop the leaderboard. they used all three courses again on the monterey peninsula. this is bill murray at pebble with harris barton from the super bowl and that's not what you do with them. not the trash can. 2011 pro-am winner here, got some game. long par effort and a big wet one for the camera. now, jim harbaugh did have one get away from him at 7. he would make up for it. you will see that in a moment. phil mickelson showed us all how slippery it can be on the rocks. he triple bogeyed the 18th, 11 back of the lead. brandt snedeker two second place finishes the last two weeks, tore up the front nine in pebble. what a shot at 7. backed up to
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about 6 feet from the cup. snedeker would sink to go to 10- under for the tournament. at one point he made four birdies in the row the final at 9. fires a dart at the flag. that shot would help him to get to 12-under for the tournament. he shot a 4-under 68. his ninth straight round in the 60s. snedeker is tied with alameda's own james hahn the former cal star playing spyglass hill today away from the network tv cameras. the man who gave up the game and sold women's shoes at nordstrom at one point fired a 6-under 66. finished his round without a single bogey. chris kirk is one back followed by patrick reed and richard lee. you know dennis o'donnell was there.
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reporter: yeah, thanks, vern and what a round 3 here at the at&t pro-am and tomorrow's final round will come down to the great pairing. james hahn the rookie out of cal against the up and coming superstar on the pga tour, brandt snedeker. >> i'm hitting the ball well not putting myself in too many positions that are in bad spots and i'm making my way well around the course. if i can keep putting the way i have been, tomorrow will be fun. >> how much is in the back of your mind of trying to get into augusta? >> zero. i'm not even in next woke's tournament so for me a top 10 finish would be great. if you want to compare the north trust open to augusta we can but i would love to play another week out here on tour. >> you have improved your game now that you're a couple. >> yes, 100%. before i got married we would talk about what kind of flowers we needed for the wedding, table linen, i mean, how many married people are in this room? you know exactly what i'm talking about. and it's nonstop talk. >> let's go to 14. >> and coach harbaugh for a net eagle here. birdie net eagle!
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>> what would it mean for you to win this tournament? >> i don't know. i --i --if i win it i'll let you know. >> what will you do to get ready for the big day tomorrow, then, you know, for the big charge? >> uhm, hopefully get the kids to sleep early and get a good night's sleep. >> reporter: don't forget jim harbaugh on the pro-am side the 49ers coach just three back of the lead in that category. he has made the cut. look for us on the "par 5" post- game show tomorrow. back to you. >> all right. former cardinals josh childress with the same gnatty throw in college. in attendance for stan for, arizona state, they ran away with it with aaron bright up by 16. that's okay. i once cut his hair. dwight powell gets into the act
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with 22 points. stanford wins 62-59. the season debut for sharks brent burns. against the coyotes in a goalie's dual. nhl three periods not enough anthony says no, torres on the breakaway. 21 saves for nemo. counterpoint mike smith even better. sharks couldn't get anything by him, 33 saves for smith. smith has shut out the sharks four times in the last six games. to the shootout. couldn't get it through. but on the other hand, score on the empty and that's it. coyotes win 1-0 in the matinee game. the sharks now have lost four in a row. >> vern, thank you. all right. we are just one day away from music's most exciting night of the year. a powerhouse of stars will take the stage for the grammys and we will take you back stage for a look at rehearsals. that's tonight at 10:00 on the cw and on kpix 5 at 11. see you then. captions by: caption colorado
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join us on a day trip that's full of colorful characters and plenty of fun. ah, yes. we'll take you for some tasty cheap eats, this whopper of a fish sandwich, eight bucks. we'll show you where you can get it. we're your "got to get away for the day" guide; your "let's try a new place to eat" guide; even your "hey, it really happened here" guide. we're the tour guide with you in mind, "eye on the bay." your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. from fisherman's wharf in san francisco, hello, i'm liam mayclem. welcome to "eye on the bay." we have your itinerary for another amazing day trip. the wharf, people come here from all over the world.
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but there's so much to do here for locals, as well. we are going to enjoy some great eats together, including some eats under $10. can you believe that? we'll take you to a classic san francisco restaurant that's part of the story here. we'll meet a fishing legend, a woman working these waters hooking locals for decades, wacky jacky. we'll meet her. but a lot of history here, as well. take a look. many bay area residents consider fisherman's wharf a destination for tourists. her crowded streets are lined with shops and attractions. but look closer and you'll see much more. the heritage and industry that shaped the area is still very much alive. >> fisherman's wharf still has an active fleet of fishermen. as the numbers decreased over the years, there is still a core group of fishermen that work out of san francisco. before it was a tourist attraction, it really was and still is a commercial fishing port. >> reporter: bob costarella's


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